Mission & Vision

KLM international school are committed to provide our students with

  • An education facilitating students, brain for international and national system. 
  • Respect for individual and cultural differences. 
  • Concern for fellow human beings
  • Regular guidance about career by professionals and experts

The positive and competitive learning environment encourages students to optimize their potential and become life-long learners. We aim to develop a happy, positive and pleasant environment where all students in the KLM community have mutual respect for each other. We believe in shared responsibility and close cooperation with parents for the growth and development of their children.

The high standards evident in every aspect of KLM international school are the result of the generosity, professionalism and commitment of the dedicated teaching staff, coupled with the energy and commitment of the students. I am very sure that whether you meet us in person or you read this, you will enjoy the journey with us.


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