To achieve the aims and objectives of KLM International School, the school lays equal emphasis on the development of the staff, as no school produce better students without devoted and dedicated teachers. This calls for the need for appointing highly motivated and qualified staff desirous of giving their best to the cause of education of the children under their charge. Further, unless the faculty members continue to grow themselves they will not be able to help their children grow and face various challenges in the life. Thus, the school has on its rolls distinguished teachers and matching support staff, it has also developed a system in which all the teachers are updated both in the subject content and methodology on regular basis throughout the year. This goes a long way to provide quality education to the students and make the school pace setter in the field of school education.


                                           SCHOOL MANAGEMENT
1   Mr. Surinder Mahajan
2   Mr. Ajay Mahajan
3   Mr. Munish Kumar Srivastava  Principal
                                              TEACHING STAFF
1   Mr. Manoj  HOD - Mathematics
2   Ms. Richa PGT - Chemistry
3   Ms. Ranjeeta Pathania PGT - Commerce
4   Ms.Priti Sapna  PGT - English
5   Ms. Neha  PGT - Biology
6   Ms. Aditi PGT - Economics
7   Ms. Shikhambry PGT - Computer Science
8   Ms. Geetanjali Sharma PGT -  Political Science
9   Mr. Manoj Sharma PGT - Mathematics
10   Ms.Rimpi Gautam Fine Arts
11   Ms. Shiwani Bhagat  PGT Physics 
12   Ms. Lakshmi Mehra TGT Hindi
13   Mr.  Sudhir Lalotra  TGT Mathematics
14   Ms. Sunita TGT Punjabi
15   Ms. Meenakshi TGT Punjabi
16   Mr. Puneet Vyas TGT Science
17   Ms. Sonia Sharma  TGT - Social Science
18   Ms. Shagufta HOD - KINDERGARTEN
19   Ms. Bharti PRT
20   Ms. Dipti  PRT
21   Ms. Priya Sharma PRT
22   Ms.Roshni  PRT
23   Ms. Shalini Srivastava   TGT 
24   Ms. Rekha PPRT
25   Ms. Harvinder Kaur   Sports Coach
26   Mr.Neeraj IT- Instructor


                                    OFFICE SUPPORT STAFF
1 Mr. Raghuveer Singh  Administrator
2 Mr. Shiv Mahajan Accountant
3 Mr. Satpal Office Superintendent





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