Dear Students,

The world faces a clear choice. Education of children will bring a positive change in the world. As we all know  Intelligence  and  Money  do not necessarily bring happiness. We need  Compassion  in addition to intelligence and money to lead a life of physical and mental comfort. Strive to learn to develop compassion for others.

2. While academics are necessary sports and extra-curricular activites are also a factor in the overall development of a child. I have a story to share with you. Before birth, a child was asked ,  Which life do you choose, a hard life or an easy one? If you choose a hard life , you learn a lot and if you choose a easy life, you learn a little but you enjoy your life.  He thought for a while and chose a hard life because he felt that learning a lot was more valuable than learning a little.

3. Positive emotions such as  Liveliness ,  Spiritedness ,  Enthusiasm  and  Eagerness  to help others  will lead to thoughts and actions that benefits all. Speech or action is always based on motivation, so it is recommendable to ask yourself whether your motivation is positive. Reason is vital to judge good or bad. Don t forget this. If you have reason, you can judge what is good and it helps in controlling the negative emotions.

4.  Every child is potentially the light of the World , with this believe KLM International creates a better future for all enrolled by maximizingtheir opportunities through quality education and initiatives for unity and development.


With these words , I wish all the students a successful pursuit of happiness in the years ahead.








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