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Dear Parents please be informed that timely payment of the School Fee is mandatory.

This is a final reminder to all parents who have not yet paid the School Fee/ or have defaulted timely payment / or have outstanding School dues.

Please clear your outstanding dues and pay the School Fee in full by 20TH FEBRUARY 2018 with 5% late fine till 25th-Feb-2019.

After the lapse of this given date: Penalties and fine will be imposed, and discount if any, will be withdrawn, without any further notice.

For the convenience of Parents, School Office will remian open during winter break till 10:30am to 4:00pm.

In case of Non-payment of School Fee, in due time, the School reserves right to initiate withdrawal of the ward/s.

-In case of a Fee default, under no circumstances will a student be allowed to appear in the Examination.

-Reports and all School documentation shall not be released untill the due Fee is paid in full.



2. Graduation Ceremony of Grade-XII-2019

With lots of emotions in the air, grade-XII graduation ceremony was held on the campus on Saturday, 10th-Feb-2019. Students of grade-XI performed some mesmerizing performance which enthrails the audience. Grade-XII students were given titles by the tunes of locals as well of the bollywood numbers. The Principal, greeted the students and wished them all the best for thier coming Board examination. Principal louded the efforts of the Director Sir in guiding the students throughout students stay in the school. Function was concluded by selecting Master Gurninder as Mr.KLM and Miss Prerna Lakhanpal as Miss KLM. Besides this Master Karan and Miss Taniya won the Mr. Handsome and Miss Charming titles.



KLMIS/CIR/P/53/17-18                                                                                       NOVEMBER, 2017   

Dear Parents

The recent cases of abuse and accidents of children at school premises have created an anxiety and concern amongst parents regarding safety of their children. At the KLM School, safety of students has always been given top priority.  I would like to apprise of you all of the safety measures already in place:

  • We have CCTV cameras at both the school gates, in the corridors, entry to classrooms and washrooms, the school ground, the bus yard and the back wall of the school. The footage from all these cameras is monitored regularly.
  • Police verification of all support staff including drivers and conductors is done before appointing any member.
  • We conduct regular meetings with all our teaching and non-teaching staff members and reiterate the importance of student safety in the school.
  • In all our buses we have at least one teacher and a lady supervisor who travels till the last bus stop.
  • School has the required lady support staffs who are posted outside the washrooms and who also cleans the washroom every hour.
  • We have teachers on duty in the corridors from 7.40 to 8 am to ensure safety of students as they arrive.
  • We have a separate washroom for our male support staff, which is outside the building and they are prohibited to use the washrooms on the classroom floors. However, the lady support staff uses the girls’ washroom on their respective floors.
  • We conduct fire drills on a regular basis for students to be familiar with their exit routes.
  • We do not tolerate bullying or any kind of vandalizing of school property. Regular announcements are made during assembly and in the classes reiterating this message. Strict action is taken in case there is any such incident.
  • All visitors/ parents entering the school have to provide complete details at the gate, about themselves, the purpose of their visit and the person they will be meeting. A register is maintained at the gate to log all these details.
  • Weekly audits are done on disaster preparedness and teachers log their observations in the disaster management register. Immediate action is taken as and when any lapses are observed in the system.

We are implementing some more measures to make the school a safer place for our students:

  • No student will be allowed to enter school before 7.30 am as our support staff arrives only at 7.30 am. Students who come for coaching will also enter school premises once the concerned sports teacher arrives.
  • Washrooms will open only at 8 am, except the one at the reception area, which will be fully monitored
  • Parents should use only the main gate. Entry into the school without the relevant photo identity card will not be permitted.

To make our children safe and secure we would like to enlist your support in the following ways:

  • Talk to them about good touch and bad touch, about avoiding interaction with strangers and reporting any and every concern /incident, however irrelevant it may seem.
  • If you notice any change in your ward’s behavior, please inform the school authorities and meet the class teacher so that we can help the student at the right time.
  • Keep the channel of communication open with your wards and give them a patient hearing for even the smallest of matters.
  • If your ward is not attending school, you must inform the teacher by email or sms not later than 10 minutes after the official start of school.
  • Read and understand the rules of the school. Do not give your ward instructions that are different from the school rues as this can cause confusion in the students and they will not be well prepared for emergencies.
  • Avoid talking in derogatory manner about the teacher / school in front of your ward as it destroys the trust bond between the students and the school. If you have any concern you can write to us or meet us personally to discuss the same.
  • Ensure that your ward comes to school in school uniform, including on Parent Teacher Meeting days.
  • From now on all parents will need to carry their any photo ID card issued by the competent authority such as Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, etc. , when visiting school or picking up the children. Parents who do not bring their ID’s will not be allowed in.

We, the school and parent community, want our children to be safe and happy and our goal is to give them secure environment that helps them blossom into responsible human beings.

I seek your cooperation in making the student life as the best and memorable experience for our students.



4. Summer Vacations write-up by the Principal

Dear Parents,

Happiness is in the air. Long awaited summer holidays are again ready to welcome you with their warm showers!

Life needs to be balanced between fun and work. Summer Holidays give a chance for students to relax. During holidays, leisure replaces work as a priority. You are filled with the enthusiasm to explore, travel and learn. Besides relaxing the students should keep in mind the execution of the assigned work in a well planned manner. Motivate your wards to interact with knowledgeable books that would in turn lead their minds to grow exclusively and in an effective manner.

The summer holidays   will be from 25 May 19 – July 04, 2019. The school will re-open on July 05, 2019 at usual timings.


May 24, 2019 is the last working day for all classes.


Holiday HW will be given to the students in the class and will also be available on the school website. Students must complete their holidays homework and submit it by July 05, 2019 positively.



Wishing to see your child after the summer break with a BROADER OUTLOOK and POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

With good wishes ,





6. CBSE Board Exam 2018: Passing Criteria for Class 10 Students Revised

CBSE Board Exam 2018: Passing Criteria for Class 10 Students Revised


 CBSE Class 10 and 12 board examinations are conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). More than 28 lakh candidates will appear for Class X and XII board examinations. Recently, the board announced a special "Passing Criteria for Class X students of 2017-18 Batch as a one-time measure".

According to a notification said that, the current batch of class X which has chosen 5 main subjects may be exempted from the mandatory separate pass criteria in subjects that have 20 marks for internal assessment and 80 marks for Board examinations. "They need to secure overall 33% (both taken together) in the subject to be able to pass that subject".


For further Information visit, website.


K L M International School, Pathankot

7. Guidelines to Parents for CBSE Board Exams



To Parents




1. Ensure your child reaches center by 9.45 am


2. Note : No child will be permitted after 10 AM


3. Send your ward in School Uniform


4. Carry : School ID, Admit Card & Permitted Items.


5. Must Not Carry : Mobile, Wallet, Purse, etc


6. They must maintain discipline in Exam Room


7. Read Instrucgtions on Q/P & Answer Book.


8. Parents must not block entry of exam center.


9. Do not Spread Rumours - (Only related Exam and Question Paper)


10. Read Guidelines to advise Students


11. Discuss Presentation on Ethics sent by CBSE


12. Advise them not to indulge in UFM Activities


13. REmain Away from Social Media


14. Intimate Exact Location of Exam Centre


15. Help them in Reaching Centre


16. Do Not Spread Rumours


17. Guide them about entries in Answer Book.


18. Inform about Bell Schedule


19. Go through all instructions on Admit Card.


20. Check Particulars on Admit Card


21. Share all insgtructions as Advised to Parents.


22. Motivate them with your experiences of Life.


23. Guide them how to write answers.


24. Note : They can use only Blue Ball Point/Gel Pen,


25. Depute your teachers everyday to exam centre


26. Inform that they also have to sign undertaking




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Unfair Means Rules




1. All Old Rules & Activities


2. Say No to Unfair Means


3. Use of Social Media


4. Carrying OLD QP to Exam Centres


5. Presenting Wrong Facts


6. Communication Devices




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